Make your family and friends from far away feel closer when you can pick up the phone and chat for awhile. Choose a calling plan from Inland Networks that meets your needs.

Long Distance

$.25/per minute with no monthly fees

Toll-Free Number

$.15/per minute + $1.50/per month

Inland Long Distance Company (d/b/a Inland Networks) is a non-facilities based long distance provider. This means that Inland Long Distance Company is dependent on facilities based providers in order to provide service. Unfortunately, the wholesale prices of the facilities based providers have substantially increased and Inland Long Distance Company is forced to make changes.

Effective November 21, 2011: Inland Long Distance Company will discontinue offering multiple calling plans at various rates and will only offer one rate for domestic calling; $0.25 per minute. On November 21, 2011, all existing Inland Long Distance Company subscribers will be converted to the domestic long distance rate of $0.25 per minute. 

– Thank you.


Taxes, fees, and other charges are not included in the above pricing. Installation fees may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Service may not be available in all areas. Activation of service may be subject to credit approval, deposit, or prepayment. All pricing, packages, and programming are subject to change without notice.

*Must have DCT before ordering from the “Additional Enhanced Premium Services”