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To inspire your essential health and lifestyle wellness, Mindful Living Expert offers personal guidance for the return of your peace and wellness. Mind. Body. Soul.

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Your Mindful Living Wellness Sessions are purposed to invite a return to your PEACEFUL nature. Your True Self. A guide to weave new mindful living concepts into your routine, spirit and life! Which areas of mindful living guidance are you currently seeking? One Mindful Living Session gets you groovin’ in the right direction!

Energy Therapy

Return to peace, ease in mind, body, soul with a relaxing energy balancing session

Energy Wellness

Be free and well in your calm, balanced, integrated energetic self through self-practice energy therapy

Mindful Living Awareness

Integrate simple practices in your daily lifestyle routine to bring peaceful living


Stillness Practice

Learn to rest, be still, at ease in present moment inner awareness, acceptance, peace (some peeps call this meditation)

Nutrition Lifestyle Guidance

Establish a natural, well-aligned approach to mindful eating and whole nourishment

Movement/ Intuitive Stretching

Connect with the opening, awareness, ease and flow in your body

Essentials of Mindful Living

Explore six integrative elements of mindful living known as The Essentials


EFT / Tapping

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) clears stuck emotional energy pathways to restore your peaceful sense of wellbeing.


Complimentary Consultation

Connect and receive your 30-minute complimentary consultation to learn more about Mindful Living Expert. Share, ask questions, discover how together, we will invite, support your essential wellness and create your peaceful, healthy lifestyle!

Flexible Session Options 

Listen, Encourage, & Connect

I am here to listen, encourage, connect with you in a collaborative relationship to focus on your wellness desires and vision. We navigate together in your restorative process while celebrating your growth and accomplishments. Genuinely interested in who you are, how you feel and what you do to care for yourself, we gather information to establish a clear picture of your current lifestyle and life story; along with your desires, questions and intentions. We’ll confirm the lifestyle areas that are in good flow and assess the areas ready for a simple nudge or enthusiastic shift.

60-Minute Session

Book an hour for $125

75-Minute Session

Book a little more time for $150

90-Minute Session

Book a comprehensive session for $175


Looking for a little more time?

Book a 15-minute add-on session for a little more connect, explore, and share time for $25.

In the spirit of mindfulness, your Wellness Sessions are intentionally designed to take place in a location that flows for you. Phone or distance Wellness Sessions. Or at your own comfortable space. The beautiful beach. A favorite coffee house.

Energy Wellness Sessions

Energy is everything!

In every living thing resides an energetic essence that when acknowledged, connected with, becomes a transformative source of healing and wellness. Truly.

What is Energy Wellness?

Energy is everything! In every living thing resides an energetic essence that when acknowledged, connected with, becomes a transformative source of healing and wellness. Truly.

Energy Wellness is being aware of your own energy, how you feel, in mind, body, soul. Yes. That energy that is present and alive within you. Discover, integrate simple techniques to clear, uplift your own energy. Utilize natural methods to shift, balance your own energy. Practice ways to sustain, preserve your own energy. Bring relief, harmony to your energy systems.

Your systemic energy flow may be disrupted, stuck by a variety of external factors, emotional traumas, debilitating patterns that limit your ability to feel well or be yourself. Energy Wellness offers a supportive, effective approaches to identify, clear interference, restore peace to your whole being.


Book an Energy Wellness Session

Renew, connect with your lighter, grounded, liberated self. This Energy Wellness session teaches you ways to care for your own energy!

Book a 75-minute Energy Wellness session for $150. Phone and Zoom sessions available.