The Essentials

The Essentials Of Mindful Living are the significant foundation to your Guided Mindful Living Sessions as well as a starting point on your return to nature

The Essentials of Mindful Living are comprised of six elements that offer lifestyle concepts to arouse and guide the mindful living expert within you! Each Essential is explored, cultivated and practiced to promote the foundation of your wellness by encompassing the care and lifestyle of your whole being.


Learn to quiet your mind, pause, attune to your inner essence. Pause to who you are.



Recognize, cultivate and bring awareness to the significance of your relationships with yourself, Spirit and others; whole being connectedness. Be aware of who you are.



Tune into the power of your thoughts; how they create and impact your feelings, experiences and your life. Remember who you are.



Gain a simple, healthy perspective and approach to your eating lifestyle and whole body nourishment. Nourish who you are.



Boost your lifestyle and excite your being with purposeful action steps to express, connect and energize your mind, soul and body. Energize who you are.



Enliven your lifestyle by creating mindful living wellness in your personal spaces and environments; express, share and extend mindful living with others with your family, friends and work/creative communities. Sustain who you are.