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I celebrate in gratitude the many blessings that mindful living brings. My personal healing journey is the foundation to the mindful living resources I enthusiastically offer to uplift others! Mindful Living Expert expresses my passion, insight and devotion in heartening you in becoming your own Mindful Living Expert!

Trish Reiland

Mind Body Soul Practitioner


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Your Mindful Living Wellness Sessions are purposed to invite a return to your PEACEFUL nature. Your True Self. A guide to weave new mindful living concepts into your routine, spirit and life!

Ascending as One

Looking to collaborate on achieving optimal health through lifestyle intention, routine, nutrition and mindset? My expanded wellness sessions can help you navigate to the next level.


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Trish Reiland

“What led me to Mindful Living”

Over twenty years ago, through extraordinary life events, I was wonderfully led to my passion for natural wellness and personal growth. With pressing inquiries to my own health challenges, my pursuit for healing and an intuitive draw to the healing arts, I began a journey that manifested into my greatest pleasure and purpose; encouraging others to be their best self in the boundless joys and awareness of mindful living!