I Am Grateful…

“I am among the ministers of God, I am grateful that I have the means by which to recognize that I am free.”

~ A Course in Miracles – Lesson 154

My Journey

Hello there! My name is Trish Reiland, your Mindful Living Expert in lifestyle wellness! I have been a natural health practitioner in Certified Nutrition, Licensed Massage Therapy and Energy Therapy for over twenty years, while learning and delighting in mindful living practices along the way.

I am here for you…to share insightful, heart-centered consultation… to inspire conscious thought, intention and choice in the expression of your healthy lifestyle, personal fulfillment and freedom!

I am a steadfast student of conscious living, (oh boy, always learning and practicing!) and a life long seeker of health and spiritual wellness. I consider myself a genuine encourager to those I am blessed to share, both personally and professionally, the healing lessons and wisdom I have gratefully learned on my life’s journey…thus far!

I value and delight in sincere, loving connection. This is my soul purpose. As a fellow traveler, I am a loyal companion to those who desire the fulfillment of conscious living by passionately sharing and guiding mindful living ideas with others.

Join me in this wonderful venture!
“I believe in YOU… and trust, TOGETHER, we soar to new heights!”

What led me to Mindful Living

Over twenty years ago, through extraordinary life events, I was wonderfully led to my passion for natural wellness and personal growth. With pressing inquiries to my own health challenges, my pursuit for healing and an intuitive draw to the healing arts, I began a journey that manifested into my greatest pleasure and purpose; encouraging others to be their best self in the boundless joys and awareness of mindful living!

In my early twenties, as I embarked on my massage therapy career, I never imagined how the diagnosis of a potentially debilitating medical condition would set me on an amazing, life changing path. A blessing in disguise, it became my motivation to seek, not only physical healing but also a search for answers to my deeper life questions. “Why such difficulty, struggle, suffering?”

While considering traditional medical care, facing the conflicting decision of major surgery, I was met by a “messenger”, who shared her own healing story that tremendously impacted my perspective and approach to health and healing evermore. Through this introduction to natural nutrition and healing modalities, I was eagerly initiated into the world of natural health that led to the empowering decision at the time…. to pause, consider and postpone my surgery!

In the following seven years, I drenched myself in abundant ideas of holistic health care, exploring my faith and receiving care from numerous healing practitioners. My health condition remained stable for some time as I gained an understanding of wellness far beyond my expectations that expanded into such a purposeful lifestyle of deliberate seeking, spiritual growth and inner healing.

With an unexpected turn of events, I found myself once again facing the need for medical intervention as my health condition changed. Struggle and suffering had been a familiar story but I was willing, in faith, to consider a higher possibility. Again, entering the unknown, it became another opportunity for going deeper…within and trust. It was from those determined years of natural health and self discovery that prepared me for what I was to endure. As I embraced the process of healing, in mind, spirit and body, I was peacefully lead in Spirit; supported one step at a time, to the day of brain surgery.

In my most enlightening moment ever, I woke from surgery with the remarkable sensation of God’s presence. Rebirth. New Life. An experience, which evoked an extraordinary perspective toward life; recognizing what matters most, as a divine, life changing lesson emerged. I felt and knew my true being to be the deeper, inner parts of myself; Love, Trust, courage, acceptance, resilience, confidence, the euphoria and miracle of being alive! Despite physical distortion and limitations from the procedure, I felt such aliveness and joy from the effervescent Spirit that was comforting and carrying me from within. In my natural health foundation, holistic approach and my faith….I received miraculous healing!

I received a profound gift of awakening…a discovered gateway to the return of my True Self, my authentic essence and the remembrance of steadfast inner Oneness with God. This, the very gift that birthed the full-circle revelation, creation and celebration of Mindful Living Expert is what inspires me to be and live fully expressed, alive in unfolding vibrant wellness!

Over the last twenty years, as a Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, I have been given amazing opportunities to develop a keen, intuitive sense for guiding others, as a result of the very challenges I faced and healed through!

Some of my greatest teachers came from the many valuable experiences, well known teachers and close relationships I had with clients, colleagues, practitioners, family and friends. Each offering profound insight that contributes to the balanced, whole picture wellness and attentive support that Mindful Living Expert offers.

Having worked in varied environments: fitness, chiropractic, physical therapy and spa, I am familiar with a diverse spectrum of healing wellness. I have connected with countless individuals in the massage room and guided numerous people behind the counters of health food stores, that all offer exceptional perspective and wisdom in my sincere care for others.

I continually practice the integration of natural living concepts, The Essentials of Mindful Living, with a conscious intention of being present to inner Truth and my God centered Self! I happily live life balancing the expressions of love in action. In addition to sharing and connecting with my peeps, my favorite enjoyments are listening to music, basking in sunshine at the ocean, napping, healthy food (including chocolaty treats), taking pictures, continual life experience learning, exploring new places and lying about, in stillness and rest! Ahhh!

I celebrate in gratitude the many blessings that mindful living brings. My personal healing journey is the foundation to the mindful living resources I enthusiastically offer to uplift others! Mindful Living Expert expresses my passion, insight and devotion in heartening you in becoming your own Mindful Living Expert!

Personal Wellness Journey American Health Science University 2003
Lakeside School of Natural Therapeutics 1992 A Course in Miracles 2011-present